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Can a Diet Impact Your Mental Health? Here is the Answer from Dietitian Manisha!!

From your childhood, you must be taught that eating well helps you feel and look your body best. What you may not be always told is that a good and balanced diet impacts your mental health significantly. A balanced diet could help you feel more alert and think clearly by improving concentration, your actions, and attention span.

Your brain works 24×7, even when you are sleeping. Like everything needs fuel to work efficiently, your brain also needs fuel, of course, a good quality fuel to give best output and keep the machinery well!! And for the brain, that fuel is a good diet.

Relationship Between Your Gut and Brain

Eating a balanced diet could help you feel better. That does not mean you need to make huge changes to your food, but yes, those minor changes under the guidance of a good dietitian can make a big change. Your gut and your brainare connected with each other strongly. Brain is connected to the gut via a nerve called the Vagus Nerve so both the gut and the brain are able to exchange messages.

According to the American Psychological Association, the gut has the ability to impact the emotional behavior of the brain and the brain has the ability to alter the bacteria type residing in our gut. The bacteria in the gut produce a type of chemicals known as neurochemicals that are used by our brain to carry out physiological and mental processes including memory, learning, and mood.

How a Poor Diet Impacts the Brain?

Processed foods are habit forming and majorly affect your mood. You need to get rid of these food habits and the only solution is to stop eating those foods. When you add refined carbohydrates and sugars to your diet, you actually initiate altering the physiology of the brain.

In today’s busy era, we all are replacing our morning juice with coffee and fresh vegetables with high fat processed fast food.

Can you imagine what these foods do? These may lead to inflammation in the body and even in the brain, resulting in mood disorders including depression and anxiety.

Healthy Diet Works in a Magical Way!!

Your nervous system and brain are dependent on nutrition for building new cells, tissues, and proteins. So, your body needs proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates. To boost your mental health, you need to focus on consuming plenty of vegetables & fruits, and foods loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, such as flaxseed, chia seeds, salmon, walnuts etc.

Leafy vegetables dark green in color, in particular, are known to be brain protective. Legumes and seeds, such as lentils and beans, are also superb brain foods.

So, next time, think before you select the foods to eat, it is good to add variety to your plate instead of having the same meal throughout the day. A good dietitian can help you select a balanced diet you need to eat based on your health and many other factors. And that will help you in making a healthy shopping list and shop according to that without worrying.

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