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Diet Plan for Weight Loss or Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Diet plan for weight loss is among the most demanded diet plans as obesity is the major problem today. Whether you want to lose weight or you are among those who want to gain a healthy weight, Dietitian Manisha is here to join your journey.


Diet Plan for Your Child

Every meal for a child needs to be balanced to meet the daily recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for each required nutrient. Eight nutrients are necessary for the development of every child and for healthy growth – protein, fats, carbohydrates, iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin B12. We carefully select the source of these nutrients and give you the best output.


Diet Plan for PCOD

PCOD is a problem in women due to the imbalanced hormones, diet plays a major role in curing the problem of PCOD. What food is best when you are suffering from PCOD is very well listed in our well customized diet plan. Many women are connected to us and enjoying the benefits of special diet plan for PCOD.


Diet Plan for Thyroid

The thumb rule to prevent any disease or to cure a disease or to keep you healthy is a balanced diet. We customize a special diet plan for thyroid considering your other health conditions too. A general diet plan for thyroid does not consider other problems that you might be having currently. A visit to Dietitian Manisha can be life changing for you with her well-studied diet plans.


Detox Diet Plan

The things that are critical for your good health are smooth digestion, absorption of nutrients by your intestine, and great functioning of your liver and kidneys. And here our detox diet plan works!! You will also get guidance on how to implement that detox diet plan and on the certain things you need to avoid before starting this diet plan.


Diet Plan for Diabetes

A good diet plan for diabetes not only helps improve the sugar levels but also improves the quality of your life. We do not provide a general diet plan for diabetes, we customize it specially for you based on your other health conditions too.


Diet Plan for Blood Pressure/Diet Plan for Cholesterol

Fluctuations in blood pressure and in cholesterol level are common these days and you can easily see it in every other individual. Whether you need a diet plan for blood pressure problems or a diet plan for cholesterol, the solution is here at Dietitian Manisha’s Clinic.


Diet Plan for Cancer

We help you to select the best diet you need to adopt while undergoing cancer treatment. It is very important to provide your body the right amount of calories and nutrients as cancer treatment is hard and a strong immunity is required to fight with cancer. We help you select the best diet plan for cancer.


Diet Plan for Metabolism Boost

When it comes to weight gain or maintaining a good weight, the first thing is to correct your metabolism rate. Our clients are happy with our diet plans for metabolism boost and sharing their success stories every other day. We are happy for those and also want to make you happy too. So the next success story will be yours!!


Diet Plan for Gym Goers

It is very clear that nutrition plays a huge role in the progress that you see in the gym. We have designed a diet plan for gym lovers very carefully so that you will get each nutrient to meet the RDA. We believe, to make your exterior healthy, first you need to make your interior strong and healthy.


Diet Plan for Healthy Pregnancy/Diet Plan for Breastfeeding Mothers

During the beautiful journey of your pregnancy, it is very important to eat healthy but not to overeat is equally important. Do you know – there are many harmful effects of over eating during pregnancy? So we assure our diet plan for healthy pregnancy is the best to meet the RDA and best for you and your baby too.
Likewise, when you are a breastfeeding mother, it becomes your responsibility to pass all the required nutrients to your baby who is just dependent on you for his nutrition. So, we also customize the best diet plan for breastfeeding mothers. Being a mother Dietitian Manisha understands the great mothers can compromise with their health but not with little munchkins.


Diet Plan for Healthy and Glowing Skin

We believe a healthy and glowing skin comes within. Beauty products can treat the surface symptoms but a balanced diet not only keeps you glowing outside but also makes you healthy inside. There is a variety of food you can enjoy plus keep your skin good. Just take an appointment with Dietitian Manisha and get a best diet plan for the glowing skin specially customized for you.